Sunday, October 21, 2007

On one of my mom boards yesterday, somebody posted making a joke about what all the July mamas (and there are a LOT of them) were doing this time last year (i.e., conceiving their babies). I felt left out. I couldn't ruin the thread by joining in and saying what I wanted to say, which was, "Yeah, we conceived our Nugget on my birthday last year" and then have that awkward silence that follows when they realize that's a different baby than the one I'm carrying now.

It's stupid that it bothered me, because I know it wasn't anything to where they were intentionally leaving anyone out. It was a bonding thing. I get that. It's funny. And I'd be all over that thread had our Nugget survived. But it sucks because she didn't.

I love these women and don't want any of them that read this blog to feel awkward or bad about it. You shouldn't. I'm just venting. And fighting these damn hormones that threaten tears about every 3 hours.


Girl said...

I didn't read that thread, as I am pretty behind but I can see why it hurt your feelings. I am glad you realize though we'd NEVER intentionally hurt you, eva'h because well, you're one of the girls.

Butrfly Garden said...


I know.

Sandy said...

We love you girl!

I didn't see the thread but I understand the chord it must have struck.

Steph said...

It was definately NOT intentional. Im sorry you were hurt. (((HUGS))) I cant imagine what you feel, because I have never been there.. but you are special to me and Im sorry you hurt!

Jenn said...

{{{HUGS}}} Most definitely not intended to hurt anyone. I can't imagine how a loss like yours must feel. I'm sorry the thread hurt your feelings.

canape said...

I skipped that one.

I would reach over and hold your hand if I could.

Katrina said...

i think about the baby i conceived right before Cash, and then i think about how I wouldn't have Cash right now. I still mourn my loss, but then when you get to look at the sweet baby boy you will meet soon, it'll make the pain better.

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