Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Doctor's Appt

BP was good, heartrate was good, weight gain is now up to 20 lbs, got my flu shot, baby is still way head down and ready to rock. Only glitch...I need to reduce my work hours for the next two weeks to ensure that I don't go into preterm labor because of all the contractions I've been having. So, I'll be working 11 to 5 for the next two weeks and then back to my regular schedule. I'm looking forward to sleeping in every day!


Steph said...

Im glad it went well, but sorry you have to work less. Enjoy the extra time at home.

Butrfly Garden said...

Good call. I wish the doctor would have told me to do that!!

Erika said...

My goodness, the stork is circling your neighborhood!!!!

Mrs G said...

OMG, you are still working? Well done - I am throwing in the towel at 36 weeks - I need that last month for some R&R before baby.

Hope the extra sleep in the morning comes in handy.

Poppy said...

yay for sleeping in!

Things are winding down aren't they?

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