Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Carter's first day at his new school. I was nervous about his adjustment from the small group at Shaista's to a larger class with multiple teachers and new routines. We've been talking about his new school for weeks and he's gone to visit and play a few times with Chris. He pretty much knew what to expect and was as prepared as we could hope for.

We got there at 8:00 and his teacher saw us out there (we were waiting on Chris) and Carter took her hand and went with her into the multi-purpose room for breakfast. He was given the choice of cereal or a Pop-Tart and he chose the Pop-Tart and some milk. He sat with the other kids and ate breakfast and when he was done, we took him down the hall to his classroom.

He played for a little while, always making sure at least one of us was in very close range. He colored a little bit, played with trucks, read some books (or, rather, had me read him some books), and looked at the posters with shapes and colors on them.

Chris went to school and I stayed for a little while later. He did Circle Time where his main teacher sang some songs, and he sang along as best he could and even imitated the hand motions the other kids were doing. He caught on really fast! He wanted to sit in my lap but I made him sit on the carpet with the other kids, but he turned around a lot to make sure I was right there.

After Circle Time it was time for their snack and I thought that was a good time to leave him there. I got him situated and explained that I was going to work and that I'd be back for him later, just like when I would leave him with Shaista. He got very upset and started crying but I left anyway, knowing that he'd be okay after a little while.

About two hours later, I had to come back to drop off a copy of his birth certificate, and I saw him in the multi-purpose room eating lunch with everybody and he was doing great. One of his assistant teachers came out and told me that he cried for a little bit after I left but then he was fine. They played outside and he enjoyed that. That made me feel better about leaving him while he was so upset. But I couldn't stay all day and he has to learn that when Mommy and Daddy leave, we always come back to get him.

Anyway, Chris and I went to get him together at 5:00 and he was having a great time sitting at a table with a few other kids playing with Magnadoodles (which happens to be one of his favorite toys at home). He was happy to see us but when I asked if he was ready to go, he said no. He wanted to stay and play with the kids. We stayed for a little bit longer and then told him to say goodbye and give his teachers hugs. So he walked up to another kid's mom and gave her a hug. It was hilarious. He didn't know she wasn't a teacher; he was just looking for big people. She was a good sport about it and thought it was funny too.

His report for the day was good. He had a few crying episodes, and got upset each time it was time to change his diaper, but all in all he had a great day. He even was able to take a nap, which surprised me. I thought being in a new place, in a new bed (they sleep on little cots), with a lot of people around would be too much for him but he took a little while to fall asleep, but he eventually did.

It only gets easier from now on. I'm so happy he's at this school.

Some pics from his first day:

And for comparison, his first day with Shaista, and his first day with Miss Dorothea:

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Nita said...

I'm so glad he did so well - I knew it would be good for him. Ricky totally loves daycare and would love to stay and play all day.

What a big boy, growing up so fast. Congratulations Mama on another milestone. :)

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