Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bed Update

Okay, so Night #1 didn't go so well. He went to sleep just fine, as I said in the last post, but at 12:30 I heard him thump out of bed and next thing I know, he's in our doorway. I let him come into bed with us because he kept whining/crying every time I suggested he get back into his own bed. He laid with us for a while but I find it impossible to sleep with him, so I offered to lay down in his room with him. He said that was okay so I laid down on his new toddler blow-up mattress that we use when we go away, which is more like laying on a pool raft. It sucked. But I dozed on and off for an hour or two and then snuck out back to our room. He slept the rest of the night in his bed and around 7:00 (maybe earlier?) I woke up to a little boy breathing in my face staring at me.

Last night we spent the night in Baltimore and he slept on his blow-up bed. He fell out around 12:30 (something magic about that time, I guess) and slept for another 15 minutes on the floor, but then wanted to come into bed with me. I let him lay with me for just a little bit and then put him back in his bed while I laid on the floor next to him for a few minutes. I told him I'd be right there in my bed next to him and he watched me get into bed and seemed fine. He fell out of the bed/mattress a few more times throughout the night, but both times put himself back in. Thank goodness!

Hopefully each night will get a little easier. We're bringing home a bigger toddler rail from my mom's house to use for a little while and maybe that'll keep him from falling out so easily. The rails that came with his crib are pretty tiny.

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Tiffany said...

It definitely gets better! P's convertible crib didn't have any rails so we were experiencing the same thing. We put pillows on the floor and a body pillow by her when she would fall asleep. It helps and now she is better about it and I sometimes don't put the body pillow up at all.
Just takes time!

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