Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catching Up

I've been offline a lot recently. I've gotten back into knitting and find that I'm doing that more at night, rather than getting online. I miss my online friends but I'm really enjoying knitting again. I just finished a pair of fingerless gloves for work. My hands get freezing and I'm hoping these will help. I've also finished a sock, and am getting ready to cast on the second one. I love knitting socks. They're quick, fairly easy, and don't require a lot of "finishing" work.

On the Carter front, he's doing really well. He took about two weeks of training for him to stay in his bed but he's consistently staying in there through the night. He calls for me or Chris and waits for us to give him permission to get out of bed. Usually. There were several times in the beginning where he'd just stand next to my side of the bed and quietly wait for me to wake up and notice him. Scared the crap out of me more than once. Imagine opening your eyes at 2 a.m. and a little person is right there in your face. Makes me shiver just to remember it.

He's enjoying school a lot. He's participating and making friends and learning all sorts of new songs and games. His teachers are great and give us a positive report every day. I take him in the morning, and sit with him in the multi-purpose room while he eats breakfast, and then I either leave then, or I walk him to his classroom and then head out of there. I try to wait until he's done eating because he gets VERY upset when I go to work. According to his teachers, he recovers fairly quickly, which I'm sure he does, but it's so hard leaving him like that. He never even noticed when I left him at Shaista's. But I realize it's a very different environment for him and it'll take some getting used to. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later. It breaks my heart every morning to see him so hysterical about me leaving. Chris gets to pick him up in the afternoon when he's happy and smiling and life is good. In fact, the other day Chris sat down right next to him but he was so enraptured with Story Time that it took a full two minutes for Carter to even notice Chris was sitting there. One of his teachers takes pictures of the kids every few weeks and it's so cool to see what they do all day long. I can't wait for Carter to be in those pictures. Hopefully this week I'll have a few to share.

And in other happy news, my dear friend Canape had her baby boy Colin Henry this morning. I couldn't be happier and can't wait to meet the little dude. He's gorgeous, of course. I'm a thrilled "auntie"!


Mom said...

Congrats to Canape on her baby. I'm glad all is well.

gail said...

Well, I miss you but I am happy for your "busy". Thinking of you and Carter and his new school!

NG said...

That separation thing generally gets better quick. It just feels like it last forever. With both my girls we didn't deal with it more than about 3 weeks - and personally, I think it was more about putting on a show than really being upset anyway. I figure they're just getting me back preemptively for all the things I will do to make them feel bad in the future.

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