Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

What a busy, great weekend!

Saturday we drove up to Baltimore to surprise my mom and my niece and nephew. They thought we were coming on Sunday morning so they weren't expecting us. I thought it would be nice for Carter to spend some time with Bella and Brandon since they don't get to see each other too often. They seemed thrilled. They were showing him all sorts of stuff and playing with him and getting all in his face. Thankfully he's used to kids being all over him from daycare.

On Sunday my aunt and uncle came over to see us Carter. They're getting ready to be grandparents for the first time and I'm so excited for him. My aunt absolutely loves seeing all the kids in the family and goes out of her way to be able to love on them. She's going to spoil her grandchild like crazy!

After that, Bird came over and we walked down to California Tortilla for lunch. My mom lives in a new neighborhood that has a whole bunch of places to eat right down the hill. It's great. We got to hang with Birdie for just a little bit because she had to go back to work since her girls were starting to move in.

My mom and stepdad made a yummy dinner and then we met up with Heather and Tucker for ice cream (again, right down the hill so we walked). I grabbed Tuck right away and held him the whole time we waited in line. He was so good. I love when babies don't cry when you take them away from their mommas. Carter's like that too, which makes me happy.

We sat outside since it was absolutely beautiful out and ate our yumminess. Then we tried to take pictures but Carter was more interested in poking Tucker's eyes, or rubbing the back of his head. They're gonna be best friends.

Next installment: Radish meets Girl!


Heather said...

That ice cream was DELISH.

And so were the boys!

Andria said...


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