Monday, September 01, 2008

Big Weekend!

Before I do a post about what we did this weekend (here's a teaser...we met Girl!!!), I wanted to share some "firsts" for Carter.

Per doctor's orders, he had eggs for breakfast on Saturday and he LOVED them. He was shoveling handfuls in his mouth two at a time. It was so funny. Then Sunday he had his first pancakes. Again, absolutely devoured them. Boy loves to eat. What can I say?

And the big thing? He can wave hello and goodbye! It's so cute. He loves doing it. He'll pull himself up on something and then wave one arm in the air while grinning and saying, "Haaaaaaaa!"

He's smart, that one.


Girl said...

He's a smart little guy. His hand is cute in the "hi" formation! You guys did real good with that one.

Unkempt Mommy said...

Hi and Bye already? Seems like he's too little for that. Time flies! What a cutie!

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