Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Work changes

I called my boss yesterday to talk to him about my hours when I come back. Basically, I'd just be coming in 15 minutes late and leaving 15 minutes early so I don't go over my allotted daycare time and have to pay the extra money.

Not the scenario he had in mind.

Money's been really tight for the past year. My bosses haven't gotten a paycheck in over a year. So I understand this, but it still sucks.

He wants me to come back part time. I'd work Tues/Wed/Thurs which is nice b/c it lets me get into a work groove, and then allows me a 4 day weekend with Carter. Downside? $1000 less a month.

We're gonna try it out for a few months and see how it goes financially, but I may have to look for a new job if we can't cut it. That sucks. I love my job. I love the people I work for. I'd hate to leave, but $12,000 a year pay cut is pretty darn big. I hope we can make it work and I don't have to leave.


Harmony said...

Hope it works out!

Steph said...

I hope that you can make it work!

MB said...

Will you save some money on daycare working fewer days? Hope it all works out!

Erika said...

I hear you - the working/daycare situation is a suck-o dilemna. And liking your job is just one part of the puzzle. And don't get me started about the whole issue of part-time daycare and how hard it is to come by. Our society (for the most part)is still not very helpful to parents.

I hope you guys can figure something out that leaves all 3 of you in a good position!

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