Monday, January 14, 2008

Bloomin Belly Soaps

I have failed my friends at Bloomin Belly Soaps. They sent me a bunch of samples to review while I was pregnant and, here we are at eight weeks postpartum and I've only reviewed one of them! I feel terrible that they were so kind to send me all those samples, and I didn't live up to my end of the deal.

I recently used the Silken Wise belly soap and liked it quite a bit. Aesthetically, not so pretty once it got wet. It was actually pretty gross. But the smell was nice and it left my skin smelling nice, without an overpowering aroma. It was a very natural scent. The shape is just too adorable for words...a big pregnant belly with her big pregnant boobs. Love it. It's just a good way to add a little fun to your shower. And every time I looked at that soap, and then looked at myself looking just like it, the reality would hit me that I was carrying my child and made me touch my belly and smile.

These soaps are a great gift for those pregnant ladies in your life that live the more "natural" life. I love the barrel of bellies as a midwife or labor nurse gift. So original!

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