Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Jealous much?

Yes, I met Ree. Yes, I know you're jealous. We had a whole conversation and she's very, very awesome.

Sadly, the yumminess that is Marlboro Man was back at the ranch. Bummer.


Becki said...

Hahahaha.... I always find out about these sort of things around me after they've already happened.
Glad you had fun!

I tagged you for a photo meme on my blog.

Jessica said...

look at you sporting you new sassy do with the freakin' Pioneer Woman! You gals are so lucky to live near the Mecca of all things cool and exciting... I emailed her to find out if she could do her next signing out here at the local Sheetz, alas I've not yet heard back from her. Shocking, I know.

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