Sunday, April 11, 2010


So after a few days of steady work and a lot of help from the family (wife, son, and my mom) we are finally finished with the AWESOMEST 20'x 20' Garden plot ever. Well we are done building it. I suppose now comes the hard stuff. It was great having everyone out there helping with the AWESOMEST 20'x20' Garden plot ever, and I want to thank everyone who chipped in.

Carter was HILARIOUS out there. When he was into it, he was really into it. My mom bought him some little fingerless gloves so he didn't get blisters while he was digging for worms.

Yesterday was the group cleanup day, so we all helped each other for about an hour or so, until the major things were cleaned up. Then we all broke off and worked on our own plots.

And we picked up a little home project for Carter too! This is his little 2 inch pot that we are trying to grow Chives in.

And thnaks again to my wife who went back out there to take the pictures of the AWESOMEST 20'x20' Garden Plot ever.

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Shelley said...

It's huge! Is that area yours and the lady you are sharing it with or just yours? Carter looks like he had fun.

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