Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Carter used pacifiers as a baby. But once he turned one, he stopped using them with no issues. It just sort of happened. Then he started sucking his thumb, but only in the carseat or when he was laying down to go to sleep. He's started doing it more often recently. The moment he gets in the carseat he sticks his thumb in his mouth, as soon as he lays down to watch tv he sticks his thumb in his mouth, as soon as he gets in his bed he sticks his thumb in his mouth. I'm not TOO worried about it at this point but it does concern me a little because he always has raw skin and calluses on that thumb from sucking it. But his doctor said as long as the skin isn't breaking that it's okay and we don't need to worry about infection or anything. And his dentist isn't concerned at this point, either, about it impacting his teeth in any way. So, I've sort of ignored it and let him have his comfort. It's very cute and sweet to watch him lay on my pillow watching Monsters Inc. sucking his thumb and letting me stroke his hair.

Last night while he was sucking away, I asked him why he sucks his thumb. He looked at me, paused a moment, and said, "Because I love it!"

Can't argue with that.


Holly said...

It can be a terribly hard habit to break. Sydney started just like Carter and it was VERY hard to get her to stop. I've seen her do it a few times recently.

Tiffany said...

Hmmm- we're still on the paci here. For some reason it's become way more important the past month or two... as Mama has been traveling more and more. Huh.

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