Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden Phase II Complete

So after all the hard work and research (on pricing) to draw the schematic, I finally went and bought all the supplies for the AWESOMEST 20' x 20' Garden Plot EVER. That's 12-8' landscape timbers, 10-2"x4"x8', 4-2"x4"x9', 3-3'x50' rolls chicken-wire, bow tine rake, and round point shovel (not pictured: lumber tie-ins, galvanized nails, 3" outdoor wood screws, 2-T-hinges, and bolt clasp for gate door). Thank you to the In-laws for the gift card to Home Depot, and to my wonderful wife for indulging my super OCDness in order to give me the AWESOMEST 20' x 20' Garden Plot EVER! And a minor shout out to the person we share the garden plot with for paying for half of this.

Phase III to begin this weekend...More pics to follow!


Tucson Conservative said...

You can grow a TON of stuff in a 20x10 space. Have fun!

Sarah said...

Do you think this will be awesome?

Mandi said...

I'm so excited to see how this blooms for you guys!

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