Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Close Trees!

Poor Carter. We're getting new windows tomorrow morning so we took the curtains and curtain rod off his window in preparation so we wouldn't have to do it tomorrow before work/school. I put Carter to bed and made it as far as our room (just across the living room) when he started crying really hard. It was a different cry than his usual I-don't-want-to-go-to-sleep cry. I went in to him and he started asking me to "close trees" in between sobs. He was crying so hard he was shaking and sweating. And it had only been like 2 minutes! I looked out the window and the trees were lightly illuminated from the light from our building. He was scared and wanted me to close his curtains. The trees are really tall and don't have any leaves and it was freaking him out. Poor baby. So we put his curtains back up and I'll just have to take them down in the morning.

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Mom said...

He was so frighted to be that upset. I'm glad he is able to communicate with you and tell you what is wrong. He likes his window covered at night and opened in the morning. That child knows what he likes, that is for sure.

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