Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Carter had so much fun trick or treating. We pulled him around in his wagon and he loved getting in and out all by himself and walking up to the doors saying "trick or treat." But, of course, the minute the person answered he got shy and would only say anything if I prompted him on what to say. Then, once he realized what was going on, he kept yelling, "Candy bucket!" between houses. He'd never even had candy before, except for a few M&Ms, but he sure was excited.

His costume worked out really well. He was good about keeping the hood part on and would even do his Frankenstein imitation upon request (but of course I didn't get any video of it...just picture him holding his arms out in front of him and grunting).

He got a pretty decent loot, for only going down one street. Plus, we got leftovers from my in-laws. The funny thing is, where I grew up we had TONS of trick or treaters and we'd give one candy to each because otherwise we'd run out. So, that's what I'm used to happening. Well, didn't I feel stupid when my father-in-law was like, "Feel free to give out more candy. We have plenty." Oops.

All in all, a good night. The weather cooperated for the most part, Carter behaved himself, even staying up until 10:30, and we came home with a ton of candy. The bad part? I started Weight Watchers this week so the candy is just sitting there taunting me. I was very proud of myself though; I made it through Halloween with no candy. I had one candy bar today (so far, LOL) but I'm eating a super healthy dinner so it all balances out.


Mandi said...

I remember you used to save your Halloween candy for weeks after the holiday - you displayed great self control. Queen Anne was the best for Halloween!

Mom said...

He looks so cute. Glad he had a good time.

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