Saturday, April 18, 2009


Carter got another haircut tonight, and he's progressively getting better each time. We went a lot shorter this time but I think it turned out really cute. And I love the faces he makes when he has hair up his nose.



Such a handsome boy.


Mom said...

Very cute cut and child. His hair is a beautiful color. I wouldn't want to see it any shorter....just a grandmother's opinion. Your husband has a talent. Pop Pop took you all for your haircuts and whatever you came back looking like was ok with me. You all cried and I didn't like taking you, so he saved the day(s).

Anonymous said...

such a handsome little man! reminds me, i really need to sit Jonah down and cut his again too, so he isn't looking like a woolly mammoth in all his "new big brother" pictures a week from now! oh i wish he didn't hate it so much... it's SUCH a battle with him. any tips?

Amy said...

Amanda, we use cookies and stacking blocks to keep him from freaking out. It helps distract him enough to get the job done, at least.

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