Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lucky #13

I was brushing Carter's teeth this morning with him laying in my lap, as opposed to in front of me, or sitting on my lap, and noticed he has a new tooth! One of his incisors is poked through. I wasn't expecting any new teeth so I hadn't been inpecting his mouth at all so I was surprised to see it.

Also, I forgot to mention the big event that happened this past weekend. Carter got his first fat lip. He was running around my mom's and his foot landed on a book, which slid on the wood floor, which caused him to fall. He handled it really well. He whined/cried just like he normally would when something doesn't feel good, but he wasn't full on wailing by any means. I told him he was okay and gave him a hug and when I pulled away I saw that he was bleeding. Surprisingly (to me), I didn't panic at all. My mom got him a cold wet paper towel but he didn't like that too much, so we gave him a popsicle to suck on. That seemed to do the trick. His lip swelled pretty nicely anyway but he didn't seem to mind, or even notice to be honest. Little rock star.


Mom said...

I thought you handled yourself great. There was no panic or fear showing at all. You have said this before--Carter does new stuff at my house all the time. Only this time, it wasn't a fun thing he did. Any child that can walk down a step and pretend he fell or purposely falls down a step and has so much fun doing it will do alright.

Nita said...

Yay - what a big boy!

Ricky did it at 8 mos. Rick and I both freaked out.

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