Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catching Up

We spent last weekend up in Baltimore because my grandparents were in town. It also happened to be their 61st wedding anniversary. I can't even imagine. Carter had a great time running around my mom's condo and opening doors and eating every bit of food that made its way out of the pantry or fridge. Only downfall is that he refuses to nap at my mom's house. I don't know if it's the Pack N Play, or that the room is too bright, or that he's too excited to be in a different place, but it's exhausting for me to always be "on." When he naps I get to decompress and stop being on edge watching everything he's doing to make sure he doesn't break any antiques or get chocolate on their furniture. Alas, no break for mama.

One highlight was that we got video of my grandparents talking about their childhood, dating, and early adult life, which was really interesting. Next time they're in town, we'll have some questions ready to guide them because it was hard to think about what to talk about. But my grandmother? The second the red light on the camera lit up, she was talking like she'd been doing documentaries her whole life. She's a natural.

We didn't get to see my new cousin Mason because Carter has a cold, so that was a little disappointing. I'll just have to live with Facebook pictures for now. I can't wait to hold and squeeze and kiss on him. Carter's going to look so grown up next to a tiny little baby.

Nothing else is really going on. Work is still very busy, which is great. Carter is talking more and more each day, and now answers his cell phone with an I Love You instead of Hello. And the second he wakes up, he's running into the kitchen saying "Waffle? Waffle?"

Some pics of our leprechaun from yesterday.

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Mom said...

Who cares about chocolate? It will come off of anything. I took some off the front door Monday and stood there smiling because he left his mark. I wiped it off and then missed him even more. If the antiques make you anxious, we will move them and YOU won't have to worry. We never moved them for the grandchildren because I always felt they had to learn not to touch, but definitely don't care if they are moved for the parent's sake. Sorry you guys didn't get to see Mason. He is a beautiful baby. Your grandmother was telling jokes and had everyone laughing.

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