Sunday, November 23, 2008

Carter's Birthday Party

Carter had a lot of fun at his party. He had a jungle theme and gave out animal mugs with animal crackers in them as "goody bags." The older girls got a jungle print journal to write in.

His cakes turned out really great. We got them at Graul's, which is pretty much guaranteed to be delicious.

My grandparents flew in from Florida to be there, so it was nice for Carter to have them and my other set of grandparents at his party. He doesn't get to see either of them too often so it was nice for him to spend time with them.

After everyone sang to him, we waited for him to go crazy and dig in to his cake. Yeah, not so much. He wasn't that into it. He was more interested in Chris or me feeding it to him than feeding it to himself. I was really looking forward to cake all in his hair, up his nose, in his ears. Oh well.

He even really enjoyed everyone singing to him. Lots of kids and babies get upset at the loudness and everyone looking at him, but Carter was really into it. Little sweetheart.

So, thanks to everyone that came, and to those that were there in spirit.


Mom said...

He did have a good time. He was moving to the singing of Happy Birthday in his seat. You sure can tell how badly he needed a haircut.

I'm Not Skippy said...

Cool cake. . . he still has a chance to redeem himself for the cake. At Thanksgiving give him a big plate of Ready Whip and let him go to town.

Girl said...

Happy birthday buddy!

Tiffany said...

How fun!!

Prayse didn't do much with her cake either - she touched it and then was more concerned about getting the frosting off of her hands!

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