Tuesday, May 06, 2008


We started with rice cereal and he did really well with it, as long as it was the right consistency. If it was too watery, he spit it out and let it dribble down his chin. From there we moved on to peas, which I was prepared for him to hate. Lo and behold, he loved it! My sitter thinks he's just so darn hungry that he'd eat anything. Whatever.

From peas we moved on to green beans (again, a success) and then pears, butternut squash, carrots, and he started bananas yesterday. I won't be buying the jarred bananas anymore. It grosses me out. It's all slimy and sticky and has additives in it (granted, it's just citric acid, but still). I'd rather mash it up myself for him and let him have a fresh one.

He just loves to eat and he's so cute with it. The second he sees the spoon come out of the drawer, he's got his tongue working and his mouth wide open like a little bird. He's a smart one, that kid.

But now that he's had a taste of the yummies, he's not so into the cereal anymore. Guess I'll have to start mixing puree into it. I'm gonna try oatmeal with him tomorrow...maybe he'll like that more.

He also loves when I give him some water from the end of my straw. He gets so excited!

We're giving him a sippy cup every once in a while to get him used to it, and he totally gets what it does. Right from the get-go, he knew to open his mouth for it. He can hold it himself, but has some trouble getting the spout into his mouth. He also likes to put it upside-down on his lap while we're in the car so he's all wet when I take him out. :-)


Holly E said...

When trying the oatmeal you should mix fruits in with it if he doesnt like it plain it gives it a better taste and he is still getting the nutrients of the oatmeal. Timothy loves it. Now when he gets oatmeal I chop up fruits and put chunks of fruits in oatmeal.

Timothy eats everything now but he loves feeding himself the most.

canape said...

I can't believe what a big boy he is now!

Holly said...

I agree with your sitter - the boy is hungry! He's growing and finally able to eat "food". Tip for cereal... mix with juice instead of water! You can also add the fruits/veggies to it too.

Michelle said...

I always mix fruit in with the baby cereal. And yeah, vomit on the jarred bananas!

I'm Not Skippy said...

We've been mixing the cereal with the fruit. I found the Bananas tasted like cinnamon, and the citric acid is there to prevent browning (otherwise it's turn almost black). We tried fresh bananas in a mesh feeding bag. He didn't like it, but he loved the jar.

The other thing he hated was chicken. I was curious so we got one of the jars. It smelled awful and it was the first thing he gagged on and tried to spit out. Ss avoid that.

What brand do you use?

Amy said...

He mostly gets Earth's Best, but this was Gerber. I mixed the nasty banana in with his cereal today so we'll see if he likes it any better. We have that mesh bag but haven't used it yet. Will have to give it a try.

Erika said...

Have you tried the baby food grinder yet? They are so great and once he's had more foods, you can basically just start mushing up what you and Chris are eating instead of having to make something seperate.

Personally, I LOVE baby bananas. I'd eat them myself. Ha ha ha! (My sister even buys them as a treat for herself sometimes!)

Andria and Co. said...

You are doing such a great job with that handsome little man! Blake is going to eat for the first time today. Yikes!

I'm Not Skippy said...

We use Beech Nut. I know a woman who works for them and they don't use any preservatives. Most of the jars have nothing but the item mentioned on the label and water.

Girl said...

That cereal is gag.... mix is baby. I can't believe he's even old enough for this. Wasn't he just born??

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