Thursday, February 28, 2008


Are any of you familiar with Ebates? I use them when I order supplies at work, or clothes from Old Navy, or whatever, and I get a decent check every few months from them. If you're interested in them, I'd appreciate it if you'd use this link ( so I can get credit for your referral.

By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just really like Ebates. :-)


Mom said...

Surprised I was the first to sign up.....I'm sure not.

Hoffman Family said...

I want to sign up. Do I need your email address so you get the bonus too?

Jessica said...

what a cool idea that is! I'll be sure to use you in the future... heh heh... USE you... :)

Amy said...

Hoffman Family, if you click the link, that should give me the bonus. But, if not, my email is Thanks!

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