Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I really shouldn't watch Oprah while pregnant. Did y'all see yesterday's show when Lisa Marie sang In the Ghetto with Elvis footage? Oh, man. Tears and more tears. It was so moving.

I'm thinking I probably can't watch today's show since I know it's about the children left behind after 9/11. This day is hard enough for me.

Damn hormones.


Lucky Gem said...

I watched today's episode. It just gets worse after you have the baby. There was no stopping the tears and hugging my baby.

JJ said...

not me. I know better. No sappy stories, shows. I already cry at the drop of a hat. no need to water a river.

Harmony said...

I know what you mean! Emotionally out of control :) When I was pregnant, my husband found me more than once laughing (at myself) while I cried my eyes out - usually over a song on the radio or a commercial or something equally silly!

Anonymous said...

Amy, You should have seen todays with Jenny McCarthy and her son who has autism. I was a wreck. Well, I am a special educator.
She is amazing!

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