Friday, April 27, 2007

9 Weeks

This week, and more particularly today, two big things happened. First, we graduated from embryo to fetus. Second, and more importantly, today (9w2d) is when the last pregnancy went to shit. Yet, two days ago we saw a beautiful little beating heart under a really, really big head. It's really scary and amazing to me that we've made it to this point. I'm still nervous that something could go wrong, and I probably will be for the rest of my pregnancy, but I'm feeling just a little more secure now.

I'm feeling good. I pee about a hundred times a night, which is grossly impacting my ability to sleep, but that at least tells me that things are still growing and going well, so I can live with it. My boobs have now been hurting me for 6 weeks. Six Weeks! That's a long time to have sore boobies. Again, it just reassures me that everything's okay. I gag when I brush my teeth but other than that, no morning sickness. My only real craving is fruit, and lots of it. I can't get enough fruit.

Speaking of fruit, that's the very thing that started my day off on the wrong foot yesterday. I just couldn't get any meals right. It was horrible and frustrating. First, I bought some fruit at Safeway but it didn't ring up correctly (it was supposed to be BOGO). The cashier tried to tell me that I couldn't mix and match and that's why I didn't get the discount. I called bullshit on that and got very upset with the customer service lady and was telling her that it's false advertising and it's just not right. I was really, really angry. Then she fixed it for me and I apologized to her for my snapping at her and explained that I was pregnant and the rage takes a hold every once in a while. She told me that it was okay, that she'd been through it 3 times, and she understood. Then, I started crying. I was so upset that I had treated her that way that the tears were just falling down my face. I was a wreck. All over the damn fruit!

Then, for lunch, we decided to get Ledo. Normally, I'd get my small cheese pizza and be happy. But, for once, that wasn't appealing to me. What was appealing to me was a salad with their honey mustard dressing (it's the best dressing EVER). So, I ordered two of them. My coworker picked them up, I opened the container, and couldn't eat it. The lettuce was so old that it had turned pink. The carrot had black spots on it like mold. I was so disappointed. You know how once you get your mind set on a meal, and it doesn't work out, there's just no substitute? That's how I felt. I wound up eating cantaloupe and a nutty bar. Soooo not the same.

Then, dinnertime came around. I was supposed to meet my friend Jeff for dinner because he's in from San Diego for the weekend but his flight got delayed and by the time we'd have been able to get together, it would have been way past my bedtime. So, then we decided that I'd pick up WrapWorks since I was getting my eyebrows done in Reston anyway, and it's right there. It's my favorite place and I only get to eat there once a month when I get my brows done. I could almost taste the Colonel Mustard. The delicious mango, the plump mushrooms, the yummy black beans....

When I walked over there, they were CLOSED DOWN! No sign, nothing inside, empty. I almost cried right then and there. Another meal ruined. I didn't know what to do with myself. I was DYING for WrapWorks. Dying! I called Chris and we decided to make pizza bagels. They were fine, but they were no Colonel Mustard. Boo.

So far today, I've started off on the right foot. I had a fabulous bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam. Mmmm! Let's hope the trend continues because I don't think I can take another food day like yesterday. I really can't.


Danielle said...

I'm sorry your food day had gone so wrong. It's so hard when you want one thing and can't have it.

My last pregnancy I was craving Tang. You know that orange drink stuff.It wasn't something that I usually ever had but I was crazy for it. Than I found out that I had gestational diabetes and it was on the stick no list. I was crazy for the stuff.

bird said...

Ledo's as in Ledo's pizza?

Andria and Co. said...

Ugh... I just did the same thing (wilted nasty lettuce) with a taco fajita salad. So, so sad. Seriously, do these people see what they are putting together as they prepare these salads???

Sugar Kane said...

Congratulation on your pregnancy! I'm glad things are moving along well for you.

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