Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Pink Eye

Last week, Carter had a sheet of paper in his school folder that indicated that someone in the school had pink eye and to keep an eye on him. The next day, he looked like he had a sty on his left eye. I asked my mother-in-law just to confirm that's all it was and she agreed and said pink eye would manifest more quickly than this had. It was basically just a bump on his lash line. No ooze, no goop, nothing gross about it, really.

Fast forward one week. The left sty had healed, but now there's a bigger one on his right eye. We go out bowling with friends and his lash line has a large red bump, but we still think it's a sty. Still no ooze or goop.

Fast forward 12 hours. Carter woke up and couldn't open his right eye. This is what it looked like:

Off we went to the doctor and whaddya eye! AND an ear infection. Poor kid was falling apart but you'd have never known. He was happy as could be and just wanted to play and read and have his usual good time.

Part of his treatment was antibiotic drops for the eye. Man is it awful having to wrestle your child just to get an eyedrop in his eye. I was able to get it in there the first time after much coaxing, but then the second time he got so hysterical that he started gagging and heaving and almost puked on me. Since then, I've done it when he's sleeping, or tag-teamed him with Chris with us holding him and just doing it. Poor kid. But his eye is much better today and he's back at school after being on antibiotics for two days. The good thing is that the antibiotics for his ear infection are also helping with the pink eye.

I just felt terrible for our friends that we went bowling with because I didn't know it was pink eye, and it's so contagious. But my friend Janet was totally cool about it. She said it's a rite of passage and no big deal. I love her for that.

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devan said...

oh my gosh i hate it when i get pink eye i can sympathise with the little guy

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