Thursday, January 06, 2011

Facebook killed the blog

Does anyone even come here anymore? Hello?

I find it's so much easier to type a quick Facebook status than to come on here and blog about Carter's latest hijinks. Everyone who has any interest in him is already a Facebook friend (I think...let me know if you're not) so it seems redundant to post in both places.

Your thoughts?


I'm Not Skippy said...

Facebook didn't kill the blog, but it dissuade the casual blogger. Unless you blog for a living there's no point.

The one drawback to Facebook is the question of how (or even if) status updates are archived. A blog can be archived and looked back on.

So if your blog was your digital baby book (like mine once was) what happens to that?

Sarah said...

Can't read the blog if you don't post....just sayin :) I like the blog. More personal. Plus, I like looking back at old stuff. Can't do that on FB.

Holly said...

I liked reading about Carter and everything else in your life. I look forward to seeing what the little guy has done. I like reading blogs that are loaded with BS and drama and your's never has that. Plus, like Sarah said - I like looking at the old stuff.

Ginger said...

I am a fan of the blog.

And now you know four of us will read it :)

Heather said...

On Facebook, not all of your friends actually see your updates. And, you don't see all of your friends updates either. It's some kind of weird thing they do so that you only see some of your friends this is my long-winded way of saying you should keep the blog. The end.

Teesa69 said...

My blog fell by the wayside in lieu of Facebook as well. I do miss it though I don't think anyone reads mine anymore either...unless they get to it through facebook :(

But as a previous comment mentioned, I do like going back in time, something not easy to do on facebook, so I am trying to get to my blog at least once a week

ddander said...

I still love your Blog. It gives me a chance to peek into Carter's life (and you/Chris) from a thousand miles away. I save all the pictures and videos.

Anonymous said...

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