Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Carter had a dentist appointment this morning and he did so great! We talked about it for about a week ahead of time, and read a few books about going to the dentist, and he knew what to expect. I knew he needed to be prepared for what was going to happen. He tends to freak out when something happens too quickly that he's unprepared for (like, for instance, last year when the hygienist just came at him with the brushing tool, without even showing it to him first). So, up until the minute we walked in the door, he knew what was going to happen. And, thankfully, it all happened like I said it would. Except for the fish on the walls of the waiting room. They redecorated since I was there last.

Anyway, he did really well. Yes, he cried, and he was scared at points, but I didn't have to hold him down and he wasn't in hysterics. He knew he wanted to cover his ears when they used the polishing brush because I had told him it might be loud. So as soon as the hygienist pulled it out, and I told him what it was, he said he wanted to cover his ears. I told him that was okay to do and that seemed to be a comfort to him, that he had a little bit of control over what was happening.

He got a clean bill of health. He has all 20 teeth, no cavities, and no ill effects (yet) from sucking his thumb.

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Sarah said...

Prior to my cousin, Joshua's, first dentist visit, my Aunt prepared him the same way as you did with Carter by reading him books. I asked how Joshua did after the checkup and my mom said he started crying. I asked when, and her reply was, "in the car." Apparently Joshua was upset that the dentist didn't take xrays of his teeth like the childrens book said.

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