Sunday, October 04, 2009

Weekend fun!

Carter went to his first bounce party yesterday. He had so much fun! He climbed up the big blowup structures (with some help) and loooooved sliding down the big slides. He wouldn't do it by himself but he had no problem sitting on my lap. Every time we'd get to the bottom and he'd yell "Again!" and go running back to the entrance. They had a bunch of bouncy balls, and bouncy horse things you could ride, and a big firetruck you could bounce inside of (his favorite since he is currently obsessed with firetrucks), and a couple of bouncy slides. Plus he got to eat pizza all by himself and play with his buddy "Handsome" who he has so much fun with.

He had so much fun, in fact, that he didn't want to leave. He gave Handsome a sweet little hug (and when Handsome hugs he pats you with his little hands which just ups the cuteness factor). We went outside and the little turkey just plopped down on the curb and organized a sit-in. Once he sat down, these other kids sat down and no one would go to their cars. Little rebel.

Today we went out to breakfast and after Carter's nap we went to an awesome playground near my house. It's similar to Clemyjontri in that it's made to be accessible to all kids, but it's a much smaller version. He ran and played and had a great time. Then we headed to another nearby playground that has a big sandbox. At first he wouldn't walk on the sand and got all panicky. Then I finally coaxed him in but he wouldn't touch the sand at all. There were a bunch of shovels and sand toys in there so he picked up a small shovel with his forefinger and thumb, scooped up sand, and gently put it in a container. If a grain of sand got on his hand he made me wipe it off. He must have played in the sand, but without actually touching any of it, for 15 minutes. Finally I got him to sit down and touch it with his forefinger and that got him interested. Needless to say, when he got home he got a bath to get all the sand off of his scalp.

It's been a lot of fun seeing his reaction to the season changing. He absolutely loves crunching on the leaves, and collecting pinecones is his new hobby. He lines them up and counts them. Today, he counted straight through to 12! I had to help him because he skipped 10 but once I reminded him about 10, he finished by himself. It was really impressive! A baby genius, that one.


Mom said...

Glad Carter had such a great time. The hugging picture is just adorable.

Mandi said...

the sit-in is too cute!

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