Saturday, August 22, 2009

Puzzles, and other miscellaneous stuff

Carter has several Melissa and Doug wood puzzles that his grandma and grandpa got him for Christmas. He's always enjoyed telling us what the animals are and what noises they make, but he didn't grasp the concept of putting the pieces where they belong. Yesterday, however, we discovered that he can do it now! He picks up the pig, says "pig" and then points out the pig on the puzzle. He has some trouble getting it to fit perfectly and gets frustrated, but he at least understands the concept. So cool!

But what's not cool is that he knows how to curl his little hands into fists and make contact with another person. He does it and then says, "hit" so he knows what he's doing and is doing it on purpose. Not very nice.

Oh,and one more thing. He has a serious OBSESSION with the Horton Hears a Who movie. It's insane. He's constantly asking to watch it and if you try to put it on in the middle, he throws a fit until you start it from the beginning. He won't even watch Yo Gabba Gabba anymore! All he wants is his "Who" movie. Good thing it's a good movie so I don't totally hate it yet. I just wish Horton would sing the alphabet or count to ten or something so I can at least call it educational.

Speaking of counting, Carter has a pretty good grasp on counting. He can count to five pretty much without mistake, if he's really trying. Otherwise, he says, "1,2,5,10!" But he knows the numbers and when you get to 10, he says 11 and 12. So I guess you can say he can count to 12? His favorite is saying, "8,9,10!"


Mom said...

I guess Ms. Shaista needs to let you in on who he is imitating. You know he watches everyone very closely and imitates whatever they do. He'll hear that it's "bad" to do enough times and he will tell that kid. I can hear him now.

MB said...

7 and 8 have not existed in our household for months.

Nita said...

No YGG!?!? Ricky would die! Way to go Carter with your counting self!

Boo on the hitting (seeing it on tv maybe?) Hope it clears up soon.

Tiffany said...

Hmmm - we may need to check out that movie!

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