Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catching Up

On Mother's Day we had my parents and Chris' parents over for brunch. It was nice to get to stay home for once and not have to worry about whether Carter will get a good nap, or if he'll sleep in the car, or if we'll be too tired to drive home later. It's just so much easier when people can come to us, rather than having to drive to Baltimore, or Leesburg, or Delaware. All that packing and driving and crankiness gets exhausting. Life is easier on our home turf. Hopefully one day soon we'll have a bigger place and can host more get-togethers.

My mom bowled on our Wii and killed all of us. It was crazy. She got 185 I think as her best score. Me? I barely got over the 100 mark. I still need some practice.

Here's the one halfway decent picture Chris was able to get of Carter and me on Mother's Day. Kid wasn't cooperating. But, in his defense, he was popping a few teeth through so I'm sure that didn't feel too great.

After everyone left and Carter got a little nap, we headed out to the local elementary school to play on their playground. Carter enjoyed playing in the dirt and showing me his hands and saying "messy" over and over again.

Some other tidbits:

  • Carter went for his semiannual dentist visit this morning and screamed like someone was cutting him open. It was horrible. I had to pin his body down while a hygienist held his head still while another hygienist cleaned his teeth. Thankfully, they were very quick and he recovered immediately. The second they stopped and he was allowed to sit up, he crawled in my lap and said hi to them. Then they gave him a "byoo" (balloon) and all was right with the world again. The doctor was very happy with the way his teeth looked and said all we have left are his 2 year molars (the rest are either popped through or just about to). He warned me that those are the biggest and toughest ones. Not looking forward to that.
  • Girl said farewell to her blog this week. It makes me so sad, but I'm sure not half as sad as it makes her.
  • I get my final crown on my broken tooth tomorrow. Can't wait for this to be over with. It's been damn expensive between the root canal and the crown(s). Good thing we planned for this.
  • Our cleaning ladies started on Monday and I'm so happy. Our place looked amazing and I don't feel like I'm constantly playing catch-up anymore. It's nice to know that twice a month they'll be there to hit the reset button. Thankfully we were able to use our tax refund to pay off a loan and can use that money we were paying toward the biweekly cleanings. It worked out really well.

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Holly said...

Glad you had a good Mother's Day. I didn't take a single pic that day, let alone one of me with the kids. Are you guys looking for a new place??? Your mother got some Wii experience while here, so don't let her fool you. I'm super sad about Gail's blog going away too. I loved reading/seeing her entries, but I'm sure you follow her in other places... FB will have to do for the rest of us. Glad C's visit to the dentist went OK. I finally picked up my night guard Monday. Still having some issues with the crown/root canal area - grrrrrr. Ryan's top canines are making their way out and I'm seriously not looking forward to the 2yr molars.

Can't wait to see you guys - just a few more weeks.

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